Part of our problem is not only that the insurance industry has become a gigantic octopus of a
beauracracy in its own right, but that for every doctor out there there is an ambulance-chasing
lawyer. The insurance companies will allow a doctor or medic only eight minutes per patient by contract, or you pay a hefty fine out of reinbursments. If something doesn't get detected, even if
a rare condition, or if there's a misdiagnosis, you run the risk of being sued. So what do doctors
and PA's routinely do: routinely order the most expensive tests like MRI's just to cover themselves
against liability. And there's plenty of slackers out there looking for any excuse possible to sue
someone. I believe we need malpractice laws to protect the public from fraud and incompetence,
but this has gotten wildly out of hand, and the cost of all these special services and related state
of the art equipment is a staggering investment to hospitals. So I agree ... we've probably got the
best gear, but certainly not the best system. People die waiting in line in emergency rooms.