Just wait until the dust settles (pretty hard to tell, given all the election fluffing of the cat fur at the
moment) ... I don't know about Colorado, but it's just a matter of time until Calif rates will spread
unless there's considerable Fed intervention. Here the Calif exchange is already legally operative,
and starting next month people will be able to shop rates per 2013, regardless of what the Feds do.
Supreme Court already settled that one. But otherwise, it's pretty gloomy. The only major hospitals
making money are Kaiser, which is self-insured, but not practical to folks in rural areas. And even
they are badly short-staffed. The only thing keeping me on my day job is the insurance issue. I've
been healthy all my adult life, and will be eligible for Medicare in two yrs anyway. I'd like to go into
printmaking full time, but my wife is younger and can't get affordable insurance even in the medical