Thanks, John.

I emailed them yesterday just before posting here. They responded today ( they're quick ) The price hasn't gone up much. $217+postage was they're quote and 6-8 weeks delivery time. Seems pretty fair given what they cost new.

I had found a set on the 'bay for only $89 but after thinking about it and thinking of the quality and the fact they install them, I will probably go with Custom Bellows. I am not really in a hurry and there is lots of the rainy season left here in the pacific northwest for indoor playing with a new camera!! Still looking for a lens, film holders, and some other odds and ends anyway.

By chance, do you have an idea of the length of these bellows? They requested the old bellows and frames for a pattern and mine only has a short piece attached to one end so I don't have the length measurement.

Will certainly let you know how it all comes together,