I recently had an image reproduced on Fuji Crystal Archive Super Gloss that I had printed on Ilforchrome at a size of 40"x30" because Ilfochrome is no longer available to me in that size.

The image was scanned and the paper digitally exposed.

I still had a 40"x30" Ilfochrome work print and sent it to the printer for matching.

In general, the results were:

1) The FCA/SG print's color was quite close to the Ilfochrome work print and I'd consider the FCA/SG an aceptable replacement (at least in the case of this image).

2) The FCA/SG's resolution was no where near as good as the Ilfochrome work print, (I was unable to tell if it was due to the paper and/or the digital exposure technique). The Ilfochrome work print was exposed using traditional, non masked, enlarger / lens techniques.