There was one listed at B&H. They no longer have it, but the specs were still on the site.

Tilts Front and Rear Axis: 48° Forward and Backward
Swings Front and Rear: 48° Leaft and Right, calibrated, 360° total, limited by bellows
Rise & Fall Frontand Rear: 4.7" (120mm) Rise only
Shifts Front and Rear: 1.8" (45mm) left and right
Camera Back 4x5" 360° usable Revolving International Graflok
Groundglass with black lines, 6x9,9x12cm and 4x5" markings
Interchangeable Bellows Yes
Minimum Extension With standard bellows and flat lensboard: 3.6"
Maximum Extension 17.7" (449mm) with included monorail
Lensboard Toyo 158x158mm
Dimensions 19 x 11 x 14" (47.4 x 27.4 x 35.2 cm) LWH
Weight 7 lbs 41.2 oz (3.58 kg)

"Maximum Extension 17.7" (449mm)" is probably your bellows draw. That seems short though, because I could use a 450mm lens on the Technikardan. You would need a little more than 449mm for focusing.

That is a ball park for a start. How much rail do you have? What size lenses do you have or want? Perhaps they could make it as long as you have rail. Just an idea. I made up a 60" three standard, two bellows set for a Sinar P 8x10 that I wanted to use for macro work. Decide what you want and go after it.