I'm pretty familiar with PPO's, HMO's, and even other options because I've been enlisted in all the
above and currently have a choice of any of em here at the company. We're currently on the Kaiser
which is fairly unique (self-insured hospitals, generally state-of-the-art, now that they've finally
got control of the significant ins fraud incidents which bled their profits in past decades). Pros and
cons all around, depending on where you live. I some rural areas health is more affordable simply
because land is cheaper for clinics, cost of living for doctors themselves, etc. We know all kinds of
doctors - some are going broke, a few are getting slimy rich (sometimes with a little ins and Medicare
fraud on the side), and others have opted out of conventional practice and chosen careers in
medical research or teaching, just to avoid the ratrace. Some are working over a hundred hours a
week and effectively making $16 an hour by the time they pay their malpractice premiums.