I think I am going to pull the trigger on this lens so I have it for an upcoming project this Winter. I have read a few posts about it on LFF and it seems to be a great lens, but I am wondering how people are getting along with it now.

I think it will fill out my kit rather nicely and not need an extension board on my 45N-2, at first I will be mostly using it for a commissioned fine art project for ski area scenics so 90% of the time it will be used from 100 feet to infinity.

At the moment I use:

65mm 4.5 Grandagon
90mm 6.8 Grandagon
135mm 5.6 Apo Sironar
150mm 5.6 Symmar S MC
180mm 5.6 Apo Symmar
240mm 9.0 Fujinon A

I do find the 240 a tiny bit dark to focus in dusk shots, but most of the time it is manageable, so how about losing 2/3rd of a stop with the 350?