As i recall, there are at least three distinct threads on APUG discussing folks how set off to build their own processor to accept Jobo tanks (or others), with cheap\commercially available hardware. None have yet to show any progress (some are several years old).

In any case i think its a great idea and the design prospect sounds promissing - good luck! i am looking forward to seeing such a thing become a reality.
If you ever make another one, or mass produce them i will be your first customer.

On another note - though the new CPP3 will have pretty much endless speed and heat control (choose 1 of 100 settings), why wait for something that is as you say being pushed back, when late SN CPP2 are available right now, not to mention brand new CPP2 which are also readily available (4 week lead time, special order)? You might not be saving alot of $$$ going that route, but you will have it right now...