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Welcome; another linux user (since 1993). Don't be surprised to someday get a hankering for 1950's-1970's photo equipment too. I'm sure the EOS gear is nice and capable, but it doesn't represent the breadth of awesomeness of equipment choices.
I'll see your linux, raise you my Altair 8800 and I still have the first edition of Operating Systems: Design and Implementation by Andrew S. Tanenbaum. Good memories. Too bad he and the linux crowd seem to be at odds with each other.

The cool thing about film now,,, I can afford the Nikon F subminiture dream system I lusted after in the late 60's. 4x5's are free if you buy the lens (ok,,, almost, free for a good user). Heck, I've got an Orbit and a Symmar with a bit of fungus, and a ratty case I'll bet would sell for less than $175. Mamiya Cxxx TLR's are an amazing value if you're into the minature formats. (ok,,, I'm just fishing for format snobs,,, flame on!!! ;-) All in good fun...

All joking aside. Love my F, will never get rid of it. I'll likely not shoot that much 35mm. When that was all I had, it was a constent fight for me... ASA 25, tripod... With a large format mind set, owning a Nikon and not liking TriX 35mm prints was a bad thing;-)

5x7 b&J, 4x5 Linholf. I may actually get rid of everything but the Nikon, Linholf and try to find a clean C330 with 4 lenses.

I've got a Pentax 645 that may be the reason I'm going to be embrasing the Bi life style. 20 rolls of film, processing and scanning, shipping almost $400. Oh, and try getting 20 rolls of film in and out of Mexico. Was fairly smooth, I did my homework, but the folks with digital cameras just breazed on thru.

Digital and film are different hobbies for me. Like was mentioned in a previous post, going out with the film camera is a totally focused outing for me. Way different than grabbing a bunch of family shots at the reunion or wedding party. I guess that sort of makes me an outcast from both sides of the fence ;-)

Darkroom being built as we speak,,, I do miss the odd smell of Dev and fixer for some reason.