Due to the dyes being present in Ilfochrome, and their action in preventing diffusion of the light due to turbidity, Ilfochrome will remain the sharpest of all print materials. Since the dyes in Ilfochrome are azo dyes, they can be selected for rather high color fidelity - better than chromogenic dyes in most cases.

Due to the lack of color correction in straight pos-pos printing, any print of this type will lack the ultimate in color fidelity due to the lack of color masking. The mask in color neg-pos printing makes color fidelity greater than any pos-pos system is capable of yielding. Use of chromogenic dyes almost assures less color fidelity unless masking is used.

Due to printing a pos-pos set of "S" shaped curves vs a neg-pos system of a straight line and an "S" shaped curve, pos-pos printing will always be more lossy due to image compression in the two toe and shoulder regions of the curves involved.

This is based on fundamental principles of chemistry and physics, and not opinion. Textbook references available upon request.