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Thanks Henning for the report!
To summarise your text, the message from the film manufacturers seems to be: buy fresh, buy often, keep shooting!
Well Ricardo, yes, that is one part of the film manufacturer's message .
The other parts are
- please don't hoard; manufacturers can calculate best if you buy on a constant, regular basis
- please buy variety: Different film types and formats; best is to also buy not only the 'mainstream' films, but also the niche and boutique films to keep them alive
- variety of film types is enriching your photographic life: Like most painters don't use only one or two colours in their paintings, film photographers should extend their creative possibilities by using different 'film flavours'
- please be a "film ambassador" and spread the word, getting further (young) photographers interested in the unique characteristics of film.That will help us all as we are all sitting in one boat.

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