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With Instagram and other iPhone programs emulating that cool/retro/hipster look it's inevitable the sales will suffer as many will tire of the fad or find that iPhone Holga-simulated images will be "good enough". At some point Holga will announce they are ceasing production. Time to hoard up on Holgas to sell later for a big mark up? ha!
Matthias Fiegl, one of the 'inventors' of the Lomography movement and now CEO of the Lomographic Society Internatial in Vienna, just recently talked about Instagram in an interview.
He said that nowadays lots of the young start taking pictures with their smart phones, and so get in contact with Instagram. And by using Instagram they hear at first about Holga, Lomography and film. And they are getting curious: What is this 'film thing', which Instagram is trying to copy?
So they get interested in the real stuff, the original, and want to try that out, too.
Mr Fiegl said that Lomography gets quite a few new customers by Instagram.

It's like flying in a flight simulator: Almost perfect, but when you have learned your lessons in the simulator you want to fly in a real airplane.......

And is the "low-fidelity photography movement" with Holga and Lomo cameras really only a fad?
I don't think so:
The Holga was introduced 1982, 30 years ago, and is still going very strong. Gets even increasing interest in some important markets like China.
Lomography was founded 1992, 20 years ago, and since then the number of Lomographers is continuously increasing, currently with a 15-20% growth rate p.a..

20-30 years is quite a long time for a "fad" .
Probably the "low fidelity photo movement" is now an established part of photography, and will stay.

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