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While I feel no (or very little) passion for modern cameras, I do sometimes feel the need for that ease of use. That's why I keep a dslr and a compact digital. On general, the enjoyment and passion for photography is tied up with the mechanical camera and film. But I think I'm limiting myself. That's why I'm considering having something like an f100 or f5 along with my other stuff. I know I can shoot more easily, they are most likely more reliable, and I can still shoot film.
I don't have a passion for modern camera either. I actually found them more difficult to use than the old cameras as they have way to many functions and automation. The F5 is quite slow to use in manual mode. It takes much longer to change shutter speed from say 1s to 1/125s on the F5 than on the F3. The same for aperture. The F5 is ok but manual focusing is a little bit more difficult than the F3. I actually don't have a passion for mechanical cameras either, I like electronic one but simple one. But with the situation of film availability now I really not worry about the reliability of any of my cameras I worry more about where do I get the next roll of film and how I get it processed.