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Any idea where I can get this OTHER Rollei proprietary clips/strap then? When you search on Ebay for Rollei Strap, you get the gator/scissors clips.
I don't know for certain. Some suggestions- contact Harry Fleenor at Oceanside Camera and Krikor Marilian at Krimar Photo. They have old stock and might have something. Also RangefinderForum's TLR group has lots of Rollei people. There is a Rollei group on Freelists- http://www.freelists.org/list/rollei_list ON Fridays people are allowed to post items for sale; a 'wanted' post might be acceptable? A note to this outfit might be worthwhile- the online listing hasn't changed much so might not reflect actual stock http://www.manfredschmidt.com/rolleiaccess.html