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You seem to be really focused on promoting Fuji and bashing everything else, so you come up with all kinds of information regarding that and it tells me you do the research. So why don't you do the research your self about these other cameras from this other brand and find out on your own?.......Then maybe I will not think you are some Fuji marketing shill hiding behind a user name...

Until then, based on your posting history....I don't think you are who you claim to be and frankly I have had it up to my neck with your baseless and often juvenile negative crap.

Sorry mods, but this is getting just a *bit* ridiculous...
Wow. You are quite the paranoid one aren't you? Let me spell it out for you so that even YOU could understand.

1. I havent bashed anyone except Kodak's pathetic management team.
2. I am not alone in performing action #1 at APUG.org.
3. I am NOT affiliated with FUJIFILM in any way at all besides be a customer.
4. My first medium format camera, bought way back in 1996 was a Fujifilm GSW690. I enjoyed that camera tremendously, specifically for the incredible lens.
5. After converting over to digital, I went from shooting Canon (shooting Canon for 5 years or so) to Fujifilm because of their particular color interpretations. I continue to shoot Fuji digitals despite owning $4,000 or so of Canon gear.
6. I am just about to hit 10,000 posts over at DPR, where my past history is free to examine. Anyone bored enough to read my posts there will not conclude that I am a Fujifilm employee. Unless you suffer from paranoid delusions.
7. As a film shooter in days past I NEVER shot a frame of either Acros or Reala. Since buying my GA645 a few months ago and getting back into film, I have discovered both and am enthusiastic about said films. This somehow bothers you. It should not.
8. If you have had it up to your neck with my posts, it is up to YOU to leave this forum. I am NOT going ANYWHERE and will continue to post here, following the rules as I have ALWAYS done.

Your inability to distinguish an amateur fan from a "marketing shill" is simultaneously amusing as well as disturbing.