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Even the real Fiesta (orange) was radioactive, not just cheap knockoffs.
hi brian

a friend in college used to tell me about artists who would buy any sort of fiestaware they could find, knock offs, the real thing
and grind down the paint to make their own radioactive gazes ... from what i remember, it requires a government permit
as a nuclear power facility ( or something like that ) because of handling issues ... this was told tome 25 years ago, i might be mis-remembering what he said

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Both bananas and Brazil nuts are high in potassium. 40K is radioactive decaying mostly by emission of a beta particle. Fortunately for us it has a very long half-life of 1.2109 years. Still each of us experiences about 4500 events/s from the potassium in the body.
hi jerry,

brazil nuts have amounts of selenium in them too
and according to dr house too many brazil nuts
can cause poisoning that looks very much like radiation poisoning
you just need a moth larva antidote, it works well as a tea
and counteracts both poorly advised chemotherapy as well as the selenium.

it would be good kodak or ilford or ?? sold moth larvae with every container of
selenium toner, it might come in handy !