Lomo recently reintroduced 110 film and a new 110 from Japan, Fukkatsu label is also being sold by some outlets. So I think film is here to stay, at least through online ordering. All my film, 120 and 35mm has to be ordered online but I can still get plenty, as much as I can afford.

Just yesterday on a walk I saw a young couple and the girl was just putting away a 35mm SLR into a bag. I was 50~60 feet away but you can always spot a film camera. As I walked past I commented on how nice to see a film camera in use and she said that she intended to continue with film until she couldn't buy any more. She and her guy were in their early 20's, no more than 25 years old for sure. Now I'm 63 but that little encounter made me feel just a little better for the rest of the day.