It took me a while to get used to the stainless steel reels and tanks. Now that I am I like them so much better than using plastic because:
1-Now that I have the hang of it, I can load the SS reels faster and more easily than the plastic. I've also never had a steel reel pop open and spring the film loose
2-Since I started processing C-41, the temperature control of the steel is very convenient.
3-They use less chemical (580 ml in the Paterson vs. 440 ml in the SS for 2 35mm rolls)
4-The steel reels and tanks are easier to dry and can still be used without trouble even if not perfectly dry. Not so the plastic.

I have a single real SS tank that does not leak, although the steel cap is sometimes a challenge to get off in time critical spots when changing chemicals.

A Question:
The plastic lid on my double reel SS tank has a crack in it and leaks, does anyone know if these can be replaced?