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There is no randomness in shipping to Canada, unless you tell them to. Use the prepaid Purolator shipping method and all will be fine. If it needed warning labels, they wouldn't ship it across the border.

Edit after all, BHPhoto is not a small outfit, something like over 1,000 employees.
That makes lots of sense. Check the return address, if it's 1151 Martingrove, Etobicoke, ON then it's going through PCL Logistics.

Let me explain that one, PCL Logistics has some warehouses in the US. The consignor (B&H) takes a bunch of stuff going to Canada, they put it on a skid, and ship it to a PCL Logistics warehouse, customs inspects it and it's manifest, and it gets loaded on a trailer. Does not matter if it's a DG or not, as long as the fact is marked on the parcel and manifest, all kinds of other stuff from other places gets loaded on that trailer (a 53' trailer holds a lot), when the trailer is loaded, it's closed up and customs puts a seal on it. That trailer is then hooked to a truck and driven across the border, all that customs does is check the seal number on the paperwork and the seal number on the trailer match, if they do, and the driver's ID checks out, they wave it on through. The driver drops the trailer at a Purolator Hub, they pull off the skids, and break them down, dumping the freight onto the sort line, DG's are separated out, for special handling. Customs then bills PCL Logistics for the customs, brokerage and GST/HST. The Tetenal Kit is about $33 to my house, that's not bad....