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- please be a "film ambassador" and spread the word, getting further (young) photographers interested in the unique characteristics of film.That will help us all as we are all sitting in one boat.
Four weeks ago I and my wife Kate, a painting artist, had an exhibition here in our combined home/studio/darkroom from friday to sunday. Kate stayed in her artist studio showing people how she worked and I stayed in my basement darkroom to show the working process for analog black and white photo. The interest was immense ! Many middle aged persons became very sentimental when they remembered working in school darkrooms or when dady or grandpa used the enlarger in the bathroom or the basement. All were very happy to see that analog is still alive. Many thought it was completely dead. Quite a few children of different ages also turned up and they were amazed when I showed them what a negative is and how you can get a print from it. Most of them had only been in contact with digital photography. I don't know how many that really will switch to analog, but at least an old interest may come alive again and a new one can come up. Somewhere on the line there may be a new analog photographer.
There was a really intense discussion down in the darkroom and on those few moments when I could get a sip of the coffe that my daughters had brought down from the kitchen, it had already turned cold. After three days of darkroom demonstration, my feet and my voice reminded very much of Donald Duck, but what an experience.
The word has been spread !