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You shouldn't even complain if you have a fridge and a car.

I did over 3 year round the world journey visiting 5 continents on a motorcycle carring Pentax 67 with 3 lenses and around 30-50 rolls of 120 films at a time. Equipment and film went through hell - from desert to ice. My P67 camera that is as old as I am is tough as an ox - not a single problem during over 100 000 miles of third world roads, offroad trails and motorcycle vibrations. Sent the film back home with a trackable trustworthy services such as UPS, DHL, Fedex from the bigger cities I visited. It's was BLOODY expensive so I sent them home around twice or three times a year, not more. Also I bought new film stock around that frequency. Friend of mine developed them and scanned - put them online for me to download and keept the negs/positives archived there till I got back.

Margus, I discovered your adventure while looking around medium format stuff, two years ago. That must have been wonderful (tough however); I'm more of a semi-adventurous traveller type. Welcome to APUG too.

Haven't done any long trip (+2 months) with particularly tough conditions; The most has been about 2 months in tropical weather. However, I'll take into account what's posted here for the future.