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For the un-initiated ...

"Directory Enquiries" is the same as "Directory Assistance", and if you are young, the Directory was a book with names and corresponding telephone numbers that you could look up.

And if someone "rang" someone, it means they called them up on the telephone.

Hope the translation services assist you
Further to this excellent definition, the telephone had a "keypad" with which to enter the numbers,

before which there was a "dial" which you rotated with your index finger for entering the numbers,

before which you could pick up the phone, and if there wasn't another "party" on the line, you could ask the "operator" to connect something like, "REGENT 3-7833"...

before which a phone was a microwave oven-sized box with a handle on its side which for some unknown (to me) reason you would crank several times and ask "Sue-Ellen" to get you "Hank" on the "line", all whilst holding something that looked like a draft glass to your ear and speaking into a funnel on the front of the phone.

Note: for 99% of this history, photographers used something called "film" in their cameras... and they liked it.