Now, with that out of the way, I know a safe light is needed, or will a bulb that has the safelight coating on it be fine. Before i use my enlarger, do I need a enlarger timer? Any info will be greatly appriciated.
You will want a real safelight, although you can make do with some alternatives. If you use a dim red light as far away as you can get, you can try and get started with that. Worst you will do is fog some prints, but it'll probably work. I used a red christmas tree light in a night light holder for some time with no problems unless the paper was out for a LONG time.

You can get away without a timer but it is much more convenient to have one. You can use a stopwatch or a clock with second hand if you can see it by your safelight. We are told that Ansel Adams used a metronome. Anything that you can use to time accurately.