I have no use for this lens, which is Mint, like new, in the original box with the original caps, flawless glass, just lovely.

The Schneider Companon-S is one of those dream enlarging lenses. B&H has them on its web site (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/produc...Enlarging.html) for $700-plus right now.

This one, interestingly, has the original price tag on it which says $217. So, tell you what -- If that's what it's worth, that's what it's worth, I'll let it go for a mere $200, which means you are buying a 2012 lens at a 1980 price. I'm also willing to entertain sane offers.

Money talks, first $200 to my paypal summicron12000@yahoo.com gets free postage anywhere in the continental US AND I donate $10 to APUG (overseas i gotta get some postage, sorry).

sch lens1.jpg
sch lens2.jpg
sch lens3.jpg

thanks, Charlie Trentelman