This lens is really nice, mint, never used as far as I can tell, includes the original Nikon plastic bubble (CP-2) and some swell foam to keep it stable in there.

Really, you need this. If you do medium format, this is it, your enlarging lens. Look no farther.

Why aren't I using it if it's so good? Many moons ago I had the wisdom to pick up a Vivitar VHE, which is really a Schneider Companon, so I'm also set. And now so can you be too. Toss that cheap Beseler lens or whatever it is you're using and step up to some lovely glass.

How lovely? I use a Nikkor el lens on my Leitz Focomat, never looked back.

$100 brings it to you anywhere in the US, post paid. Overseas, I gotta get some postage help, say $10? Sorry.

paypal to, which is also my direct email.

thanks, Charlie Trentelman