Nikon Coolscan 4000. Includes the standard film scanner insert, cables and I'll throw in a PCI or PCI-X firewire cable.

I got this 2 years ago and it has worked great, I'm just getting rid of excess stuff and keeping my Epson 750.

You CAN use this scanner with Windows 7, I currently use it on Windows 7 64-Bit. You just need a modified INF file which is availabe on the internet or I can send it with the scanner.

I also have an SA-30 insert and roller for the back, was purchased new from adorama 2 years ago (i have the box). $350
And an IA-20 for scanning APS film. THis was purchased used. Not sure if this is normal or if my catridges are bad, but I did have some issues with getting the APS cartidges to work with the unit, but after a few tries they all worked. I've heard aps cartidges are weird like that, but it could be an issue with the adapter $200

I can post pictures if you are interested. I'll ship anywhere. Shipping is $20, I'll eat the paypal fees.