So the last couple weekends I've been trying a set and forget strategy that is working pretty slick.

For example this morning I shot a roll of HP5+ while walking the dogs about an hour or so after sunrise, so strong contrast. Set the camera using the clear northern sky well above the horizon as the mid-tone reference, opened up one stop to get good shadow and let the dogs run.

No adjustment was made to the camera settings from there. Shot in all directions, where ever the dogs ran.

Developed the roll in WD2D+, the normal 9 minutes in my JOBO at its lowest speed.

Set the enlarger exposure with the first frame then ran off about 8 prints from random frames all the same exposure.

All the prints looked nice and normal. The subjects looked like they fit their context perfectly, with plenty of shadow and highlight detail. Sunny faced dogs looked sunny faced, shadow faced looked shadowed. The mood fit perfectly for each frame, nothing looked forced.

Did essentially the same thing at an afternoon football game last week. Same result. (XP2 Super and Superia 400.)

Makes me wonder why we even bother with readjusting exposure once the sun is up.

Anybody else played with this.