David! In your original post you presented 2 different things.
1. The first is similar to what was called APEX system which I didn't know about until I started to use the same thing like you did. By assigning a number value to aperture and shutter speed it does make it's easier to calculate the shutter speed and aperture from a light value. This has nothing to do with a meter. You can use a calculating wheel similar to that of many older exposure meter. And yes I do like to assign numerical values to aperture and shutter speeds like the way you do. While at first it takes time to remember them but I found that I could learn them by heart quickly.
2. The second part you assign a light value to a condition for example full sun EV15 etc.. This part replaces the meter but one can elect to use this or not. One can use a meter to get the EV reading off the meter. However, I am like Cliveh that when I look at the scene I tend to intutively thought of an exposure in term or shutter speed and aperture combination rather than an ev number. And thus may need to those back to EV number mentally if I need to.