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Have a few extra bucks in my pocket this week and thinking of picking up a box of Arista EDU 100ASA in 4x5. I've shot Kodak & Ilford almost exclusively with the exception of experimenting with some Efke. What kind of performance should I expect as far as grain and tonality response. How does it compare with TMax 100?
I don't use tmax100 mostly because it has a UV blocking layer and I like to do UV based contact prints like cyanotype and vandyke. So I use tmax400 instead. But for a slower film, I've used Arista/Foma 100 in 4x5 for about a hundred sheets.

It's got good tones and is very conventional in it's look. Grain is kinda big. Compared to the Kodak, it's very sensitive to processing; easy to get pinholes from strong fixer or stop. I have settled on using tf4 fixer as the kodak fixer was causing me pinholes. I have had some quality problems in 8x10; it's good but not perfect as we'd expect from Kodak/Ilford/Fuji.

Compared to Tmax400, it it shows freckles better on people. It's like the tmy2 was yellow filtered or something. I generally shoot Arista/Foma100 at 64 and develop it in pyrocat-hd 1:1:100 like I do tmax. When I run out, I'll probably get some Ilford film for the lower speed option to go along with my hoard of tmy2. It's not much more money for perfect film. At least in the US, Ilford has a price advantage over Kodak/Fuji and it's always good quality.