For those who instantly liked this then faced the prospect of never getting any more with the demise of Fotokimeka, in the current industry snapshot I just received from Freestyle Eric Joseph says:

"We are currently in research and development with Foma to continue production of our Arista Silver Artist Series papers utilizing Fomabrom and Fomatone emulsions on 100% cotton fine art paper base. But until then, we have the original Fotokemika produced paper coated with Fotokemika Varycon variable contrast black and white emulsion available in limited sizes and quantities in BFK Rives Grey, BFK Rives Cream and Platine White."

I don't see any of these papers he ways they have on their web site, except the Silver Artist in gray, but maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. He told me in a previous email when I asked about Silver Artist as Efke was dying that no one else could coat paper as thick as what they were using. Maybe Foma will be able to, or maybe they can make something very similar that's just a bit thinner.