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If I have understood everything you have said then the problem cannot be connected with the enlarger. It has to be either the developer( exhausted?) or the paper ( very old MG which has lost all its contrast?)

With simple white light from the lamp and under the lens MG filters then unless the above are the problems you will get different contrasts with different filters, unless of course all the filters are so worn that none can effect the paper.

None of what I have said sounds likely, I know, but I cannot see any other explanations

I am using fresh developer, stopbath, fixer and paper.
I have also test my papers in another darkroom that I have acess to just to make sure they are not fogged
I too cant find any explaination as I have done so many test to rule out the issues on certain things. I am going to try what Martin suggest next, hopefully that is the cause of it.