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Do you have a similar, prior experience with a Kodak Process Control Sensitometer? I'm not familiar with any of those, but looking for one.
Rafal, many years ago, I used a Kodak Process Control Sensitometer (model 101, I think) quite a lot, so could answer some questions on it. Basically it's a fairly large, heavy machine using an expensive tungsten lamp. (They were expensive because each bulb came with a calibration certificate, listing the mount-position specs, as well as operating amperage at a spec'd color temp.) The sample mounting platten is curved, presumably in an arc around the lamp filament position. Exposure is a single time, ~ 1/5 second(?), via a rotating disc shutter with a cutout sector. They came with a 2-step inconel-coated filter, so you had two density steps to choose from (removing the filter was another option). Finer adjustments were done with gelatin filters in a filter drawer. That's pretty much about it.

In my job, we used it for paper testing, but found the exposure-time limitation too restrictive. We had it modified with a stepper motor to rotate the shutter disk, so we could dial in different times to match the machine printers we used. I'm not sure that one of these sensitometers has much practical use today.