Hi all!

have been forwarded from another forum, I feel this has a more diverse mix of mediums to share and discuss

I'm A Melbourne boy, who is mainly shooting Street and everything in between, with whatever camera I can get my hands on (too many cameras. or not enough?)
Over the past couple of years I have really fallen right into the land of film, as of now I am developing C41, B&W and enlarging with 35mm

I would like to get into shooting some Portraits on Large format, and hopefully down the track shooting some Wet Plates. (would be fantazmagorical)

I have just begun to make enlargements in my makeshift darkroom, and hopefully will soak up as many tips and techniques as i can on this forum.
would also like to try some Medium Format enlarger, so on the lookout for a 6x6 enlarger

Always happy for a photo walk - to any melbourne shooters out there !

here are a couple of recent pictures of mine, taken with various cameras and film.

you can find more of my stuff at http://ruskidd.tumblr.com/