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The camera is made out of the larger size oatmeal cylinder, so distance to paper is about 5" or about 12,5 cm.

I'll try some of your suggestions and see what happens.
Go down to the flghs (friendly local good hobby shop) and get a couple of #77 drill bits and a pinvise. Sand down your brass in the center till it's very thin than carefully drill the hole using the 78 drill. take a needle ro reem the hole just a bit to make sure it's ROUND.

Cover your hole with duct tape (black is nice) with a paper punch hole in the middle. You center your small pinhole in the punch hole and tape your brass to the body of the camera box over the hole you cut in the box. Tape another piece of cardbord over top of that for a shutter.

Now put your paper in, expose for 48 seconds. Should develop just fine.

I use a converted 120 6x6 camera with a focal length of 75mm. It uses a
#79 drill, and are they SMALL. The chromes I shoot with mine look like they come out of a Holga or something like that.

tim in san jose