The dynamic that the OP is pointing out is the same only different than what happened before digital and camera phones. I had stupid people stand in front and try to screw up my wedding photographs with their Instamatics back in the 70s and 80s. The difference was they had no outlet for their snapshots. Almost nobody wanted them. I used to sell prints to family and friends from the wedding coverage.

Now with social media, those cameraphone pictures do have an outlet and a purpose. They are instantly sent to all the couples friends, posted on sites and enjoyed by dozens of people.

To just dismiss this as static is missing the point. Although the professional may sell a couple of pictures to the family of the couple, the amateurs, have dispersed the news and stolen the show. Their "candid" pictures may be even far more engaging and fun than the pictures done by the pro.

The world has shifted, the landscape has changed and it's difficult to see where professional photography fits into all this.