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I get asked to do these things occasionally too, but basically promise nothing, for the very reason you stated.

It does bring back an interesting memory, though, of a friend of mine who got married in September 2009, I think just before 'everybody' had a way to post their snaps all over the internet within minutes. They had hired pro photographers to shoot the wedding. I remember two people moving around with two DSLRs each, snapping away, often in very rapid sequence of some compositions.
I brought a Mamiya 645 with a 300mm lens on it and Delta 3200 film. I shot 30 frames while the pros shot (i'm not joking) 3,600 frames. I had a nice 11x14 print ready and framed for the couple next day, while the wedding photographers took weeks to have anything to present.

So, whenever I get asked to 'attend with a camera' I tell them I charge nothing, and I will accept no direction. Then I process the film as soon as I get home, dry it, and slap it on the scanner. I pick a few good frames, and make decent web size scans of them, and email to those who asked me. And then I make a print or two. By moving quickly (for film) I can keep their interest alive, and have a print in their hands very rapidly. I know what size I'm going to print so I have pre-cut window-mats ready to use, and usually a frame too if they're willing to reimburse me for it. It works well, and usually people keep my print on the wall and at least walk past it every day. I do confess I take some satisfaction in that.

Wedding photographers hate people like you.

Imagine any other profession, and somebody showed up and was doing what the pro was hired to do, and undercutting their work.

Imagine going to a doctor and while the doctor was consulting you, the friend that came along was offering advice and was diagnosing you.

Photographers are the only profession where amateurs are able to be present and inject themselves in some way.