People accepting no payment have ruined wedding photography for professionals just as much as all the digital do it on the cheap photographers.
That whole era of making the photographer integral to the event and the memories is gone. The photographers making good money now on weddings
are working for couples who have a lot of family money and they don't allow other photographers to shoot.
The last wedding I did last year I had turned from my spot up front to catch the bride walking with her father, when I turned back to get her walking up the isle
from my front position, there were at least 5 friends and family members kneeling in the isle in front of me to get the shot. That the shot she got.
Rollei originally produced the Rolleiwide so that a wedding photographer could stand in front of people and still get it all in.
If I was that woman who's proposal was turned into a family function with photographers, I would have changed my mind and said you gotta be kidding.