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Wedding photographers hate people like you.

Imagine any other profession, and somebody showed up and was doing what the pro was hired to do, and undercutting their work.

Imagine going to a doctor and while the doctor was consulting you, the friend that came along was offering advice and was diagnosing you.

Photographers are the only profession where amateurs are able to be present and inject themselves in some way.
I never interfere with the pros, as I usually am confined to one single spot in the audience. And the pros still get paid. Why should they hate me? It's not like I advertise my services, I'm just there because people ask me to. They don't know my terms up front, it's only when I tell them that I take no payment and accept no direction that they realize they're getting something for free, and I ask them to tell their hired photographers that I will be there with my camera, taking a couple of photos, but keeping out of their way.

I would think that if the pros did a better job they could beat me to the punch and use instant upload on web sites and social media.