Hello friends!

A bit of a cross-post from the DPUG site, bit I am trying to get as much feedback as possible. Apologies if this is OT or in the wrong forum.

Websites are simply a 24/7 online gallery of our work that we can show off anytime of day or night to the whole world. I am doing some crowdsourcing and need community feedback. Yours truly is looking to develop a hosted website theme specifically aimed at the photographic community, and make it super simple to edit content with little coding experience needed. Yes there are some solutions out there, but I find them too general and not created truly with a photographer in mind.

What would you want for a website - portfolio, about me page, galleries, blog, e-commerce capabilities, what?

Also, what would you expect to pay for a website hosting service per month?

Tell me your thoughts, I'm all ears, the more comments (add in lots of details!), the merrier.