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If I was to buy a print by say William Eggleston, would it be the same price as a digital or chemical colour print? What do existing sucessful artists display? Does it effect their price?
Well, Clive, here are a couple of answers: http://artsbeat.blogs.nytimes.com/20...of-old-photos/


And the most interesting quote: "Eggleston has been kind of stuck in the old school world of the photography collectors for a long time, whose primary concerns are about process, print type, print date, etcetera. [...] for contemporary art collectors it’s much more about the object itself—they couldn’t care if it’s a dye transfer or a pigment print or whatever, as long as the object itself is totally amazing, that’s what they care about.

This is an attempt to start a migration of Eggleston from the quote unquote confines of the photography world into the larger context of the art world. I think it was probably the most important event for Eggleston in a long, long time."

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