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But now comes the big difference. The earth shaking moment. The holy dipping of the fingers in the fluid filled trays. The sliding of the rigid paper into the wet welcoming receptacle. Is this it?? Is this the magical moment, that transcends digital, in fact life itself. Is this the critical element when one medium attains the cherished level of "art". I'm feeling faint.

As for making multiple prints. In analog I could make lots of prints that were identical one after the other, in not much of a different way than I do with inkjet. The only real difference is that if I were to go back in a week or year, the digital file would be closer to the original than an analog print would be. But in both cases, I'd probably tweak them slightly because I'm not the same person I was back then. You pay more for Giclee'.

I'm not an art dealer, but what's the difference if an artist sends the art to be printed with an offset litho printing press vs a Giclee'?

Most hand made prints have the had hands of the maker in the process. We are humans and it's virtually impossible to make every print exactly the same. To me, that's the difference.