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Thank you. The people who built the original sarcophagus over the exploded Chernobyl power plant were in real danger, not the photographers who like to think more about the small amount of radioactivity of their lenses instead of what to put in front of them.
I watched a documentary recently which interviewed one of the official photographers who covered the cleanup. He went out on the roof with one of the teams shovelling debris back into the reactor building (they wore lead-lined protective clothing and were only allowed out for a few seconds - it was pretty much a case of one shovel load over the edge, then run for it). When he came to develop his film he noticed that it had marks at the bottom of the frame, caused by the radioactive wreckage he'd been walking amidst.

Given that these lenses don't appear to fog film I wouldn't worry unduly. The natural background radiation in some areas will be higher.