Thanks for the thoughts so far...

The content management system/website I am envisioning would have some customize-ability to it - something you wouldn't have to know much coding for. You would be able to change images, colors and add your own typed content. I'm trying to create a solution that would help out the non techie people out there who need a site but don't know much about coding or domains and email setup.

I realize that there are free sites out there, but they are usually littered with advertisements and are generally rather clunky looking. As far as templates on their own, when I am done with an individual template, it would be the building block of what someone else may use to create their space on the web.

Simply stated, give me your thoughts on what you think a photography website should have. The more information I have, the better I can serve others. Let me do the coding and let the market decide.

Humble regards,