while i respect your opinion i think you are not exactly correct.
as i have posted before, in a similar posting you have made over the years ..
a sensor is light sensitive the only difference is that i can be used over and over again.

over the years, i have also read (that you believe) a photographic print isn't a photograph either,
it is just the negative that is the photograph ... anything that can capture an image with light
is a photograph, photograph means light drawing .... a sensor, a piece of emulsified film, or paper
even a sheet of cheap construction paper that fades in sunlight ... its all drawings with light ..

i don't know if the sensor revolution will increase the value of chemical based photography,
and i don't really care .. seeing most of the things i do will only increase in value
after i meet Professor Sandiford ( john malcovich ) and pull an art school confidential ...