A lot like iWeb, but with more options for backgrounds and how to organize the images. I wanted to have images on the front page that would lead to a page of similar images when clicked (iWeb doesn't do that). I wanted more choices of background color - like take the basic schemes available, but choose my own color (iWeb has a color chosen for each that I couldn't find a way to change). I wanted to have galleries within galleries (iWeb doesn't do that). I also want to have drag and drop ability, but in arrangements that I choose. The way I did my site was to start with a blank page and add them, dragging the corners to make them the same heights - that was a pain, imo. I want it more simple than that. What I want is sorta a combo of iWeb and jAlbum, I guess. My site was built through iWeb and it's ok, but it's not quite what really want. I also wish I could make the menu of different pages bigger (it's kinda small and I can't make it different unless I change the style, then the background changes, too).
The free ones I've found have not been that customizable or easy to use. I don't know how to code at all, so that colors my perception of the free ones, too.