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I'll second this sentiment here in Santa Fe. The galleries that are selling inkjets are hurting and the silver printers and other methods seem to still have a better market appeal. There's a crap ton of galleries here and the sharpened, colorful inkjet prints, I think, are becoming so ubiquitous that I don't find it strange that someone pulling out a checkbook feels a bit hesitant in plopping down fat cash for something you can find practically anywhere. Granted, the images still need to be amazing to get the sale in the beginning. I saw this first hand when I heard a couple of tourist talking about some works in a gallery here in town. "Oh, these are wonderful images. I really like this one" followed by the next series, equally beautiful and done by the same photography except done in silver "Honey, these are darkroom prints. WOW, that's spectacular". They had noted "Darkroom Enlargments - Fiber - Gold Toned".

Dick Sullivan shares some of this view in a recent post on his blog: http://thecarbonworks.com/blog/?p=1309
How are the inkjet black and white doing? Is it just over saturated color that is becoming boring, which I think can easily happen?