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I bought a $10 digital cooking thermometer at Walmart, and have processed over E-6 100 rolls in the last 1.5 years using the Kodak, Tetenal, and Arista kits, with no problems. This, combined with a $3 styrofoam cooler with water overflow holes punched in the top has served me well for temp control.
As a side note, I suggest the Tetenal E-6 kit from Freestyle Photo, it gives much better results than the Arista. (Kodak kits being long gone...)
I bought and own two of those inexpensive digital thermometers. They disagree by more then three degrees, at least at black and white temperatures. The better one agrees to within less than 1/2 degree (about .3-.4) with my glass Patterson color thermometer, so I use that one.

Some of those are good but you must verify as some are also pretty far off.