OK so I'm interested in getting into portraits / fashion photography. As a hobby, not a profession.

I'm contemplating whether or not I should play with lights. There are many reasons for getting into strobes but sometimes I wonder if it is for me. Many of my favorite flickr photographs taken from others were done by hobbyists using available light. Most non-professional photographers use strobes badly, in my opinion but tastes may differ.

I look into my favorite fashion photographers: avedon, penn, demarchelier, etc. and their lights were more or less simple. I'm not an expert on lighting or portraiture but I believe that the former two used north window lighting and demarchelier is known for simple lighting. I can be wrong.

I'm interested in indoor and outdoor portraits so I'm wondering if there are any photographers that worked primarily with available light or simple monolight setups. I believe that Demarchelier's Pirelli calender was done all with available light. I'm interested in more examples like that if anyone knows any off-hand. I just want to see what can be done with available light before jumping deep into a monolight configuration.