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Martin... I suspect that the message writer is neither American nor British in origin. By "rolled" they mean 35mm cassette and by "instant" they indeed mean disposable. When one lives in a multi-cultural, multi-lingual society then one needs to be a bit forgiving with regard to language skills. ... and add to that "multi-generational"... in many camera stores today they've only "heard about" film before.
To be fair, that "rolled" is not bad at all.

Why is there roll-film and type-135? For historic reasons of course. But both are rolled.
As rollfilm is no longer feasable as generic term, and "rolled film" is ambiguous I use "spooled film".

I must admit I don't see the idea behind that "Instant" camera. Aside of a language issue as indicated above, could there be another reason? I'm usally slow on the uptake. (I would not even have thought of single-use cameras.)

By the way: "disposible camera" is no good term either: from the point of the user, it is not disposed but handed in for processing. From the point of the lab, it is recycled. (I got such cameras, that just got new film, battery and paper cover and were back on sale.)