Hi all.

The above lens recently came into my possession via an ebay seller from Milwaukee. Lens cells appears to be in good shape. Alas, the original Rapax shutter (speeds from T, B up to 1/400th) is sluggish and often times sticks at all speeds, contrary to what the seller described in his listing. Oh well...

Although I have no doubt a competent repairman can get the speeds firing right again, I am curious about what conventional shutter size this lens needs, i.e. say if I were to hunt for a replacement shutter, and aside from a Wollensak Rapax shutter, what size shutter do I need to look for? Do I need a #00 or #000 size, or won't this lens fit either? I know it won't fit a Copal #0 or #1, I tried.

Measuring the diameter of the thread on the front & rear of the shutter (where the lens cells screw in), the diameter is approx 23mm to 24mm. Ideally I would use a caliper, but I don't have one.

Also, this would be pertinent to what kind of a lensboard I would need to fit this lens. If I know what size shutter this lens requires, I can then find a lensboard with the appropriate hole size for the shutter.

Would appreciate all input, thanks in advance.